Cool Branding Ideas

by Halisi

Bad logo - bad branding

I’ve spoken about branding extensively on this blog.  I talked about being off brand and protecting your brand.  I’ve noticed in my analytics that folks are searching for “cool branding ideas”; so I thought it would be a good idea to continue the conversation.  I want to preface this conversation by saying that if you are searching for “cool branding ideas” for your brand and not just for general research then you are going about it the wrong way.


Branding is not a cool suit that you put on in order to get attention.  Branding must be integral to the personality of the business.  So if the business is owner operated it is probably integral to the owner’s personality.  Not only that, branding must be a reflection of the strategy that you’ve chosen; which should also be integral to the owner’s personality.  Why?  If the business is owner operated and has decided that face to face personalized customer service is part of the strategy but the owner is not a people person, this is going to be hard to pull off.  Sure, the owner could hire someone to do that part, but how does one manage something that is contradiction to how they see the world?  It can be done, but…


To reiterate previous postings, branding is more than a tag line and logo.  It is the feelings and experience people have when they interact with your service or product.  It is the promise that that experience will be consistent.  Which means everything that goes into providing that service or producing that product must support your strategy and consequently your branding.

If you are already doing business you already have a brand.  The question is are you clearly articulating that brand?  Make sure that you articulate values that your customers value.  How do you know what they value?  Ask them.  You might be surprised by what you hear.  Once you know what your customers value set out to be the best in the world at that function and make sure that you are articulating that value every chance you get.


Great Branding

For instance, when Chipotle Mexican Grill first hit the scene it boasted gourmet burritos made fresh.  In later years they realized that what their guests appreciated was their fresh ingredients, their efforts to get produce locally, and their efforts to get naturally raised meats.  Since it’s origin Chipotle has refocused its branding – “Food with Integrity” – which speaks to the above efforts.  From the simplistic, minimalist look of it’s logo and restaurant decor, to it’s minimalist menu – Chipotle speaks of simplicity.  In these times with crowded messaging, iPhones on our hips, and stimulus seemingly non-stop; Chipotle is highlighting something that their customers value – simplicity.  The simplicity of having natural, fresh foods, free from a long list of crap that you cannot pronounce.

So what do your customers value?  Find out and then set out to be best in class at that value.  Message that value clearly and consistently.  Truly cool branding ideas are branding ideas that are already intrinsically woven into what you provide.

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