Friday the 13th Marketing Ideas

by Halisi

As I’ve said previously if you are a retail business you should have a calendar of holidays to generate ideas for special promotions.  Friday the 13th might not show up on that list, but since it is coming up I thought it might be fun for us to put our heads together and see if there was a creative way to incorporate the odd day into our marketing plans.

The first idea that came to mind is a trivia contest.  You could offer something free if the guests could tell you the origin of superstition or perhaps if they could tell you the name of the phobia associated with fear of Friday the 13th.  However, there are numerous theories on the origins of the superstition so have your list ready for multiple answers.  Math geeks would be able to tell you how many more Friday the 13ths we will have this year.  (without looking at the calendar on their phones :) )  How about guessing which cultures view 13 as a lucky number?  If you want to advertise in advance, you could offer free dessert or 20% off for those who visit with a Halloween mask on.

What other ideas can you think of to celebrate Friday the 13th in your restaurant or shop?


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