Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Video

by Halisi

Is there a fun marketing stunt that you could perform that is relevant to your business?  Perhaps there’s a stunt that maybe relevant to a calendar event, like leap year day.  I saw the video below and thought, “boy what a great stunt for a mattress company”.  The idea was to break the current Guinnesss book of World Record by being the longest human mattress domino.  Further research led to the following revelation:

The record attempt was set up by La Quinta Inn & Suites, who wrangled 850 employees — one for each hotel owned by the company — and the mattresses were donated by the Simmons Bedding Company and will reportedly be donated to charity,

Great minds think alike!


1.  It doesn’t have to be as expensive as this stunt.  Nor does it necessarily have to be a stunt but whatever it is, it must be interesting.  If you’re a restauranteur, perhaps a small video demonstrating how to make a simple dish, dessert, or sauce would be appropriate.  If you’re a non-profit, perhaps a behind the scenes as you prepare for a fundraising event.  Followed by a few heartfelt thank-yous from program recipients.  If you own a salon you could do a series of before and after shots from willing participants.  Or maybe (and this is a little gross)  pile all of the hair cut at the end of a day/week/month and give some obscure funny statistics about hair, or the rituals around hair and hair cutting, etc. (this could go viral)

2.  Keep the production simple.  A newer video handicam will suffice for web-distributed video.   Do invest in an inexpensive tripod, you want to make sure that your shots are steady.  Shaky video will take away from the message.  Make sure your lighting is good and that it is mostly in front of the subject.  An inexpensive construction lamp can help in particularly low light.  Most new cameras, however, can shoot in pretty dark situations.

3.  Be consistent.  The point of adding video to your web sites is to give your customers/patrons a glimpse of some part of the company/employees that they would not normally see.  It is about building relationships, however tenuous, through a little “home video”.  Consequently, creating one video per year is not enough.  I suggest you come up with a situation where you can shoot a few videos at a time.  For example, for the human mattress domino situation, you have the video of the actual event.  You could have a video of what it took to create it.  You could have a video of LaQuinta and Simmons executives on why they wanted to participate or why they didn’t participate in the actual fall (that could be funny).  You could have a video of the counting of the mattresses after the fall to verify the record being broken.  And finally, you could have a video of the participants and how they felt to be a part of it.   5 videos from 1 event.  That could be 1 new video for 5 weeks on your site.
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